Combination for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280)

Combination for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280)

T280XXU0APH1 Combination firmware details

  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA51_T280XXU0APH1_OXA0APH1_CL7397669_QB10560915_REV00_user_mid_noship.rar
  • Password: T280XXU0APH1_COMBI_FSFD
  • MD5:ab31bf8434aa07ffe2b86e60d1c06cd2

T280XXU0APC3 Combination firmware details

  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA51_T280XXU0APC3_OXA0APC3_CL7397669_QB9064710_REV00_user_mid_noship.rar
  • MD5: 28255f4350f2df47a092c04e85d02731

T280XXU0APB6 Combination firmware details

  • COMBINATION_OXA_FA51_T280XXU0APB6_OXA0APB6_CL7311137_QB8708822_REV00_user_mid_noship.rar
  • MD5: 980078fb357f941ac7ba6ecdb1d7bbe5

Release date:December 27, 2016
Last updated:December 27, 2016
Current version:PH1
Product type:Android
File format:tar, rar
Requirements:Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280)

Please note!

Full stock firmware use to repair software smartphone problem and it will clean everything on your smartphone so you have to backup your data 1st
Don’t try to flash your device if it work prefect.
If you use pit file, please make sure 16GB or 8GB or 32GB, Because the 8GB Pit file don’t work with 16GB or 32GB and the same for 16GB or 32GB  Pit File
Please make sure you use the Correct ROM for your device.


Rooting the device will void the phone warranty

Files to download!

Winrar : (32bit) (64bit or higher)
Odin : Odin3_v3.11.1 | Odin3_v3.12.4_4 | Odin3_v3.12.5

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