Itel Stock firmware for all models (Itel IT1702, itel P32, Itel s11 plus, itel S31, Itel A13, Itel A32F, Itel IT1516 PLUS)

Itel IT1702

  • ITEL_IT1702_itel_it1702_5.1_it1702-V001-V002-VN-REALESE_itel_it1702.rar : download
  • itel_it1702-V001-V002-VN-REALESE.rar : download

Itel IT1516 PLUS

  • SC77xx_itel_it1516Plus_5.1_LMY47D_release-keys_itel_it1516_Plus_CM2.rar : download
  • SC77xx_itel_it1516Plus_5.1_LMY47D_release-keys_itel_it1516_Plus-002.pac : download

Itel A13

  • : download
  • itel_A13_SP7731CEB_A13_itel_A13_6.0_A13-W507C-6.0-BD-V013-20170817_itel_A13.rar : download

Itel A32F

  • F8007_itel A32F_itel-A32F_8.1.0_Itel_2018-09-23 : download
  • Itel A32F : download
  • A32F-F8007-8.1-OP-V041-20180801_2053.rar : download
  • F8007_itel A32F_itel-A32F_8.1.0_Itel_2018-09-23 23_15_50.rar : download
  • MT6580_EMMC_Itel_itel A32F_8_1_0_2018_06_21_16_55.rar : download

Itel P13 Plus

  • : download
  • : download

itel P32

  • P32-F8011-8.1-OP-V033-20180719_1613.rar

Itel s11 plus

  • MT6580__Itel__itel_S11Plus__S11Plus__6.0__alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.39_rlk6580.we.i.m_P48.rar : download

Itel IT1702, itel P32, Itel s11 plus, itel S31, Itel A13, Itel A32F, Itel IT1516 PLUS

Disclaimer !!!

Please backup your current ROM, QCN, EFS, SMS, Contacts, Images... before flashing new firmware. FSFD is not responsible for any damage to your phone. IMEI lost, bootloop..etc. What you done to your phone is at your own risk !!!


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